LuluBox Apk – Download to enjoy Free Fire & ML Free skins

LuluBox APK

LuluBox apk is a gaming tool app for Android Users who love to play games on the Smartphone and boost up their user experience in a little short time. It is a well-optimized for Android treading games like Free Fire and Mobile Legends as well as PUBG Mobile.

This gaming app will unlock free skins for these games. Besides, it is also helpful for sports games like carrom pool and 8 ball pool, as well as other game categories like casual and so one. Download LuluBox Apk to enjoy all the treading games!

If you are a modern gamer and if you want to boost up your gaming rich in a little short time and want to surprise your friends’ then Lulubox app would be the best solution for you. This app will end up the hassle of finding patch or mod games cause its outstanding features allows you to organize and manage all of your games in a great way.

You can download and install luluBox apk for free. The developer providing all of its features for free so you don’t have to pay even a penny. Many applications belong to this category but without a doubt, we can say it is one of the best ones in this category.

Lulubox Apk Features

LuluBox Interface

Lulubox Apk is the trending app to boost up your gaming experiences and rich up your gaming position in a little short time. It comes with outstanding features that make it more useful than all other applications like lucky patcher, GameGuardian, Cheat Engine and much more. It has lots of features, but here I just describe the best features:

  1. Boost up your gaming experience and rich up your gaming skill in a little short time. With this feature, you would be able to boost gaming rich and surprise your friends.
  2. Unlock free skin of trending active games like Free Fire, Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile and much more like this.
  3. Manage and organize all of your favorite games in one place and manage them any time when you need them.
  4. Lulubox Apk provides unlimited patch files, you will get plugins from its official developers and also from third-party developers.
  5. Most importantly, you also can develop patch files for yourself and also share that with your team members or other users of the app.
  6. The interface of the application is very user friendly, not only to the old user also for the new users.

All of the features are absolutely for free but if you want to use this app without facing the hassle of ads then you can start use LuluBox pro apk. You can download that on this website.

Download Lulubox apk 2020 Latest Version

The cost of LuluBox download is free. The latest version of this app is more useful and as well as more user-friendly, also fixed some bugs are will make sure more usability. Day by day lu lu box becomes more useful to the users with its outstanding features and advantages.

You can download LuLu box apk from this website which is 100% secure to use and collected from the official site and we also analyze the file. So you don’t have to concern about your device security when you use it.

Click this download button to download lulubox apk direct to your SD card or hard drive;

   Download LuluBox
   Download LuluBox APK

LuluBox Supported Games

At a time lulubox apk support only a few games but right now it supports lots of games. In the future, you will get more features and the developers also will add more treading games. Day by day LuluBox become more compliable to the gamers than before it was.

So let see which games are supported by LuluBox apk and what are the features that bring the app for each game:

LuluBox Supported games

  • Free Fire: Free Fire is one of the best trending action games which is supported in the gaming Extension. Lulubox apk on Free Fire will help you to unlock free skins and other options.
  • Mobile Legends: Ml or Mobile Legends is another trending action game which supported on this gaming tool. Like Garena Free Fire, Lulubox apk will also unlock free skins for Mobile legends game.
  • PUBG Mobile: Not only Free fire and ML Lulubox also provides outstanding features for the most trending games like PUBG mobile games. For PUBG Lulubox apk unlock Free Skin as well as boost up your gaming speed.

Other games and apps that support Lulubox Apk

  • Subway Surfers: it is an Arcade game that is supported in lulu box apk. In this game, you can unlock mod coins. With these coins, you can buy any things you need to play this game and when you caught by the trainmaster you can protect yourself with this money.
  • TikTok: it’s a grossing app in which users can make videos themselves and published on the web. When you want to make a video with this application it will generally show its watermark. If you process to lunch the app with Lulubox apk it will not show watermark.
  • Rise Up: it is a popular arcade game, Lulubox app will unlock mod skin for this game.
  • Clash of Clans: COC is the most popular Arcade game designed and published by Supercell. LuluBox official app also supports Clash of Clans.
  • this is another very popular game in the arcade category in Google Play Store. This is also supported in this gaming tool app, it will unlock mod skin.

Note: Sometimes Lulubox apk would be reason for gaming account ban, so you should be concern to use this game tool application. Use this app with your own responsibility.

LuluBox Apk Installation

The process of lulubox apk installation is really simple. Just like all other applications that you install on your Android device. On your android device, you just go with a simple installation process, it will simply download on your device. Before start installation, you will need to permit the permission called “apps from unknown source” from settings. Although the installation process is really simple and easy but if you still need a guide to install this application on your device then follow this guide:

Install Lulu Box on Android

The lulubox 2020 installation is really simple to follow this instruction to learn better. Hope you already downloaded the Lulu Box apk from the provided download button above. I don’t download yet then download before starting the installation guide cause you will need the apps apk file.

So here we go:

  1. Go to settings > Privacy > Allow “apps from unknown source”.
  2. Go to the file manager folder or find it on “apk” category on your file manager.
  3. Double click on the Lulubox apk icon. Click on the “install” button you will get it generally on the button of the screen.
  4. The installation process is already started, you should grant all the permission is required to be installed.
  5. In a few seconds, it will install on your device.
  6. Once the installation is complete, you will get there two option “open” and “done”
  7. Click on the “open” button to lunch the app, or click on the “done” button to lunch it at any time when you will process a game with it.

You have done the installation process for Android devices. If you need to install it on your iOS device you can follow the below installation guide.

Install LuluBox Apk on iOS Device

Users sometimes facing problems installing lulubox apk on their iOS device cause it is a bit more difficult to install on iOS than an Android device. As LuluBox does not offer it with iOS devices software format .ipa, so you need to deal with .apk file. And you cannot install apk on your iOS device directly. You will need to use an Android Emulator on your iOS device.

What is Android Emulator for iOS devices?

Android Emulator for iOS device means those Applications which are used to install Android Apps on iOS devices. Peoples use these kinds of apps generally to install android apps that come with .apk file instate of .ipa format.

There are lots of apps that are designed for Android and developers are not offers iOS supported app format. In this situation, you will need to use Android Emulators to install those android Apps on your iOS device.

There are many Android Emulators for iOS devices that would be able to install Android apps on your iOS device. Among them iAndroid. Among them, Alien Dalvik Emulator, GBA4iOS, iNDS, NDS4iOS, ApowerMirror, Bluestacks Android Emulator are the best Emulators.

If you already familiar with these Android Emulators and know how to install Android apps with these emulators then good. Install LuluBox apk with a simple process like all other applications.

From lots of different Android Emulators for iOS devices, I showed how to install LuluBox Apk on your iOS device with Dalvik Emulator. Click here to find the install guide.

How Lulubox Apk works

The work procession of LuluBox Apk is simple and easy. It provides access to the games that you installed on your device. So let see how this application is work:

  • Once you lunch the app it will show you lots of title of games especially those which are well optimized with this application.
  • Click on the title of your desired game that you would like to unlock features.
  • Now you will get some options, turn on the option according to your need (according to the game genre and other situations these options would be different).
  • Now at the button of the screen, you get the “play” option click on there
  • If you already installed the game that you want to process with lulubox apk then good, it will open the game and provide you your desired features. But if that game is not installed yet or you installed the old version then it will take you to play store and from there you need to install the game or update the game. When done the installation process, then you just click on the “play button” in again.

So here is the work process of LuluBox Apk, hope you will understand the process of this gaming tool. As I said before that the interface and the concept of the app is really simple and as well as easy.


LuluBox Apk is a feature-rich game managing app for Android Devices. Users use it to unlock features like Free Skins, Mod Skins, Free Coins, Super lines and much more. Users also use this app to remove watermark to some applications like, TikTok and much more.

This gaming tool can be the best solution to the gamer who likes to boost up their gaming skills from noob to pro gamer. With this application, you can boos up your gaming rich in a little short time and surprised your friends.

Besides many more outstanding features, there are a few Obligations to this application. If the developer of a game directs that you are cheating with other players then they can block your Game ID so that you could not be able to continue that game. Mainly be careful to play trending action games like Mobile Legends, Free fire, and PUBG Mobile.

Hope we can cover all the things on this website, however, if you have any query please, contact us. We will try our best to solve any issue related to LuluBox Apk.